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It’s about time… creative, art retreats with heart and soul!  It was inspiring being around so many creative ladies.  Katie and Claire’s guidance made what I thought was a daunting process, very achievable.  I loved the demonstrations and examples, as well as the space for our own creativity to blossom and bloom.  Karina’s movement and drawing session was a lovely way of spending an evening.  I look forward to the next retreat and spending time with like-minded souls. Thank you ladies!! Blessings, Nicole xx


Set in a near perfect environment, Katie and Claire led us effortlessly and creatively through two delightfully ‘arty’ days. It was one of the most fulfilling weekends of focused art (and great company!) and I would do it again in a heartbeat. We learned a lot, we ‘created’ totally original journals and came away from the workshop feeling very good about our artistic ability and our individual creations. Thank you Katie and Claire . Lakshmi


Awesome experience for arty, and those who consider themselves none arty, types. Very good teachers who guide you through each process and help move the art forward. A journey that leaves you with a great experience, some skills to expand on and a really positive feeling.” Karen Ward


Katie Flowers the goddess of journaling and all things yummy and arty, has created the most amazing course in personal journaling. No need for talent or skill, it is all provided and you come away from this weekend feeling so nourished, inspired and just so excited! Feel the love! From Stine


thank YOU, it was wonderful, and as the days got nearer to the event it made me realise how long its been since i did something just for me :) and that what this was … total ME time :)xxx Its been such a wonderful weekend and one of the best organised ones in a long time. The whole experience was fab as were the people who were there that made it so. Thanks Katie and Claire for organising everything and being such wonderful fun and creative teachers and Thank you all for your wonderful company. The workshop was so thoughtfully put together and was really so fulfilling on every level. One of many more I hope. Even the lack of sleep LSD inspired first creative day was so much fun…Lakshmi


I enjoyed every minute of this Wild at Art Weekend.  I felt inspired, challenged, relaxed, creative and very very happy.  The workshops were fun, informative and it was great to see everyone beavering away.  There was not one person stuck for ideas or left wondering how to proceed.  The workshops allowed everyone to exhibit their own style and express their own creativity whilst following the same route.  it was fabulous seeing the results.  I just wish I could do this every weekend! El Mc Coll