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Wild at Art Weekly Warblings

Fabulous News!
We advertised our third Fabulous Hong Kong Art Retreat last Sunday and by this Sunday we only have 2 places left!!
Situated at the Wonderful Tao Fong Shan Retreat Centre, a truly magical venue up in the hills overlooking the Temple of 1,000 Buddha’s.
Two and a half days of lovely Creative Escapism….walking the labyrinth, scrumptious food, dawn sketchwalks, lots of cake, collage, stencilling and even stitching! With a fabulous group of artistes! Can’t wait, do get in touch if you would like to snap up one of those last 2 places for a weekend with Katie and Claire.
Lots of Creative Activity took place in my other world : 
Land of the Magic Dot, do take a peek………
and lastly since it is the Season to be jolly!
I will be posting up some
“Gorgeous Goddess Angels “
 to be created at Flowers Towers this weekend….
More Wild Warblings later this week
Katie xx

Another busy week in the life of Wild at Art…..

The Aberdeen Sketchsnoop


Arriving in Aberdeen fish market at 7.00 am is lively and smelly with loads to see! Funny thing is, that whilst the market and the people are a wonderful novelty for us….oddly, we were also a fairly fascinating novelty to them !
Great mutual people watching!
Its a hive of activity, of people occupied in selling fish from stalls and boats, others engaged in tai chi, dance and many other kinds of exercise and a small group of random sketchers!


Boats of every shape and size, kaido’s, sampans, fishing boats, pleasure junks, various ferry’s and shuttle services!
Sketch-snooping accomplished, it was time for Lamma Funday and my card selling stall!
its a week of stalls and sales, and the excitement of everybody getting the Mulled Spice Girls in the Christmas post!
Loving all the dialogue around them and really enjoy how people are enchanted by the Asian Spice Girls !
so from me, and my small art table in the South China Sea!
more next week!
Katie xxx

Wild at Art news right in your mailbox !


blog post 1 second flier

At last you can receive your Wild at Art blog posts weekly, bringing you updates on what is going on here and whats available for YOU!

October has been extraordinarily busy in my world, with the wonderful Ararte Conference that we hosted at HKIS for 100 x Art Teachers in the Asian Region. This was 3 days of workshops and arty visits hosted by our wonderful art team designed to have all those like-minds mingle and share their fabulous ideas and techniques!

Followed by the fabulous Wild at Art weekend Retreat at Kadoorie with Claire and I, where we made gorgeous handmade books, wrote poetry, sketched at dawn, we stencilled, we created mandalas, ate cake, laughed a lot and didn’t want to stop!!! Our 2013 Retreats have been so popular that we will be bringing you two more fabulous weekends in 2014. See Retreat page for details.

Our found poetry
new flier Nov 2013
Launching into further artistic ventures this November, I started my month attending an intriguing Mandala workshop at Hong Kong University Art Therapy Unit. We learned about how Carl Jung used Mandalas as a tool for understanding the journey of the ego and the self. Intriguing to experience the reading of artworks through an entirely new lense.
Mandalas created by Claire and myself during the course.
Lastly I was part of the Stone Paper Scissors group of artists exhibiting at the Banyan Cafe, Yung Shue Wan on Lamma Island last week. Which was a privilege to be part of such a fabulous community group.The exhibit will run until Christmas and is open every day except Monday.
Work by Mary Ann Lebas
My own artworks
Work by Debra Morris


Work by Dina B Knight
Work by Roz Keep
coming up soon…………


Join us in Aberdeen this Saturday at 7.30am for casual Sketch Snoop bring your sketchbook and camera, watch the hustle and bustle of a working harbour wake up and get going for the day. Join us by the Tsui Wah Ferry pier.
That’s all the arts news from me at Wild at Art!
Till next week.
Katie xxx