Katie Flowers

“A Sense of Wonder”


I believe we are all capable of amazing creative acts, my hope is that through my teachings you can reawaken your very own wonderful creative voice through making art.

My name is Katie Flowers; I live with my family on a small island in the South China Sea. I grew up in England blessed with a childhood teacher who took us outside of school on ‘nature walks’, to collect seeds, petals, and sketches throughout the seasons. We kept our findings in our very precious Nature Books. She taught me the art of Paying Attention. I still create Art and nature Journals on a daily basis to this day! This driving need to create and share the magic of the world inspired me to become an art teacher and I cannot imagine my own life without making art daily, be it a journal page or a doodle.

Making and teaching art has enabled me to work with people of all ages, in the discovery of the unique and natural beauty in our landscape as well as in the discovery of those very same aspects within themselves. I have had the great good fortune to have worked in the Arts for almost 25 years in Hong Kong, teaching in local and international schools, with the Hong Kong Youth Arts Festival, World Wildlife Fund and many other community groups to develop various arts projects.

My passion now is working with the vast numbers of people who somehow feel that their creative journey was terminated somewhere back in primary school !! Sound familiar to you ? Well, I have learned during my art teaching years, that the path of Art really is available for everyone, and really does not require this mysterious and elusive “ talent” ingredient. What is usually required is taking some bold steps towards seeking out the creaive essence and often a guide or an experience can help with that return journey.