Art Retreats

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Do you feel that your creative journey was terminated back in primary school !

Do you feel it was buried long ago ?

Do you lack confidence to try something creative now in case its ”wrong”?

Are you worried you wont be any good?

Well guess what ?

Art does not require this mysterious and elusive “ talent” ingredient. What is usually required is taking some bold steps towards seeking out the creative essence and often a guide or an experience can help with that return journey……exciting isn’t it!

That’s exactly what a Wild at Art Retreat weekend is all about.

It is about you gifting yourself with that return journey to the playful and artful self that you always were:

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Here’s a Contemplation Moment for you

There will be many creative moments in your life which have been buried forgotten or even overlooked…

Think about your childhood, how about the times that you built sandcastles, or made flower petal perfume, were you in a play or a show, made lego models, or did you make up stories or games?

 Take a moment and write down three creative moments:








As an adult you will have created a wonderful dinner, or decorated your own home, taken photographs or video on your holiday, made a powerpoint presentation, made a Facebook page….

 Now can you list those three creative moments:










Did you surprise yourself ?

A Wild at Art Retreat is just what you need!

Our next Hong Kong Retreat is October 2014, see details.

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